Spousal Visa - Timelines & Process

Depending on the specifics of your family’s immigration petition, your case will be accepted by a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) service center or the National Visa Center. USCIS has service centers in Texas, California, and Vermont. The National Visa Center works with cases that will be processed abroad. Acceptance at a particular USCIS service center or a particular U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad will aid in determining how long it will take to process your petition or application. 

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Factors Affecting the Overall Timeline 

  • Status of the Petitioner (U.S. Citizen or LPR).

  • Location of the Beneficiary (Outside the U.S. vs. Inside the U.S.).

  • Country of Citizenship of the Beneficiary.

  • Immigrant Visa Availability --

    • It is important to note that spouses of U.S. Citizens have an immigrant visa number readily available to them.


Timelines of Each Pathway

If you are Inside the U.S. If you are Outside the U.S.
  • Form I-130 processing: 6 - 9 months (Add Time for those waiting for an immigrant visa to come available)
  • Form I-485 processing (Depends on field office that will process your application)

  • Total Time: 12 – 18 months + (Wait Time for Immigrant Visa Availability)
  • Form I-130 processing: 6 - 9 months (Add wait time for those waiting for immigrant visa availability)
  • Applying for immigrant visa through U.S. Embassy and Consulate abroad: 21 weeks

  • Total Time: 12 months + (Wait time for Immigrant Visa Availability)


Frequently Asked Questions

“Is Premium Processing Available for Form I-130?”

According to USCIS, filing Form I-907, Premium Processing is not permitted for family-based immigration.

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