The International Entrepreneur Rule

Nov 16, 2017

It’s no secret that immigrant entrepreneurs have always made exceptional contributions to America’s economy, in communities all across the country. Immigrants have helped start as many as one of every four small businesses and high-tech startups across America, and the… View Article

Government Monitoring of Immigrants’ Social Media

Nov 15, 2017

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) caused a great deal of concern when, in September 2017, it issued a Federal Register notice indicating that it will collect and keep information from social media on all individuals passing through the U.S…. View Article

Why I Founded Boundless

Nov 14, 2017

At the age of three, I went on an airplane with my grandparents—the first time for all of us—and flew 6,500 miles from Shanghai to Los Angeles. On the flight, we carried flowers and candy from our hometown for the… View Article

Dreamers on the Cliff’s Edge

Nov 6, 2017

Imagine you are 16 years old. Your friends are getting ready to apply for college, get a driver’s license, maybe look for a summer job. You’re excited to do all three, but then, for the first time in your life,… View Article

Boundless is Open for Business!

Nov 6, 2017

A little under a year ago, we set out to provide a solution to the question, “Why is the immigration process so hard?” The answer always came back to information, or lack thereof. “What am I eligible for?” “Which forms… View Article

The Road Ahead

Feb 7, 2017

We are embarking on an era of immense uncertainty for U.S. immigration programs. Whether you are an immigrant who has lived in the United States for years, or you dream of contributing your talents to this country for the first… View Article